As we move slowly towards Autumn, it’s natural for our bodies to need a little cleanse from the Summer holidays! Autumn is a time for taking stock of what we have achieved throughout the year and looking honestly at ourselves, so that we can shed everything we don’t want to take forward with us into Winter and the New Year. This is a time for going inwards, reflecting and looking deeply into our personal lifestyle routines; health, diet and fitness and letting go of anything that isn’t serving our highest good.

Clearing out and focusing on our most energising, bright and exciting goals is the BEST way for us to manifest our highest potential; detoxifying the body and enteric nervous system brings clarity for making our best choices and taking inspired and creative action!

The clearer we visualise, the clearer we can manifest. We have lots of energetic opportunity to work with the cyclical seasons, helping us to gain clarity in order to grow, develop and evolve! If you would like a bit of help with finding a clean, rejuvenating kickstart, we have created these fresh and glowing, Ayurvedic Yoga plans which work in alignment with your natural rhythms.

Our Ayurvedic Yoga & cleanse programs are the perfect balance of repair and rejuvenation that will help you to find a truer expression of your authentic self. Combining entirely bespoke & individual Yoga plans & herbal magic from Rheanna, our Ayurvedic practitioner, our plans are designed to fit perfectly into your life and support your natural body and lifestyle in a realistic & sustainable way. Our aim is to set in place healthier lifestyle routines that last !


Rheanna will conducy an in depth assessment of where you’re at right now in mind and body and work with you to remove any imbalances which may have been causing negative cravings and poor mental and/or physical health. She will give you the tools to understand your own unique dosha (constitution), what you need for long term health with regards to food, lifestyle and environment and any supportive herbs to help remove the current imbalance.

Yasmina will discuss with you, in your 1-1 sessions, your lifestyle & all aspects of your physical and energetic health, to create your bespoke home practice designed to activate your deepest potential and work perfectly alongside your Ayurvedic herbal treatments. The home plan comes in the form of a written plan designed to activate the herbs and balance your dosha, and videos which we update regularly as you progress.

We will look at how to incorporate the laws of attraction into your daily meditation practice, and if you are interested in discovering more about yourself through your astrological natal chart, we can incorporate this into your plan.

We have plans ranging from 1-6 months and beyond, to help you to get in sync with your body and mind & achieve your goals this spring!


30 day cleanse - £120

Can begin at any time and includes:

  • Ayurvedic consultation and 30 day individual herbal medicine plan.

  • 1 x 121 Yoga sessions over 30 days, a bespoke Yoga plan for you to work through at home and a pass enabling you to come to unlimited group classes at Glow for 30 days.


3 Month Yoga and Ayurvedic - £280

Can begin any time and includes:

  • Initial Ayurvedic consultation and 1-1 Yoga

  • Then 2 more Ayurvedic follow ups and 2 more private sessions throughout the 3 month period along with monthly adjustments to your Yoga plan, Ayurvedic medicines and UNLIMITED 3 month membership to yoga classes at Glow.