Full Moon Vibrations

🌕🔮💫✨💫💕 FULL MOON MAGIC! 🌕✨🌟🦄🔮 

We celebrated the Gemini Full Moon in style, with a magical, ceremonial evening of Yoga, Crystal Bowls and Fire!

Muna Mcadie enchanted us with a mystical crystal bowl journey through space and time! 🌟💫

A truly healing and magical workshop was designed specifically to honour and harness the energies of the big shiny full moon in Gemini!! ⚡️The human body and the Earth are made of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Vibrational sound connects to our energy channels. Crystal bowl therapy helps us to balance the chakra system and re-energise the auric field! 🌕Moonlight heals and soothes, causes things to grow and bathes the land in ethereal, shimmering luminosity. ✨ This workshop combined Yoga and beautiful crystal bowl sounds to help us work with the magic of the lunar cycles within the body. 💕✨Gemini is symbolic of yin and yang, calling us to bring up any notions we have in our minds to align with what we truly want to happen. 🌕🌟Gemini is about communication and thus resonates with the throat chakra. Engaging with this Full Moon really helped to create and clarify our visions; so that we can end the year with gratitude!
🦄We honoured Luna with a special full moon yoga, to energise the throat chakra and balance the yin and yang energies within the body, working with the elements of Air and Water through movement. 🌟✨Muna’s magical bowls brought us deeply into a place of relaxation where we can tap into our essence and allow the vibrations to realign our energies!⚡️✨💫The full moon was a time for culmination, illumination, fruition and celebration!🌕 ✨Vegan Soul Food, Essential oils, Fire & Glowy Vibrations! 🔮

Yasmina Glow Yoga