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Winter Solstice & Full Cold Moon

🌟✨💕🔮COME and celebrate the longest night and the last full moon of the year with us! 🌕🌙🌟We have TWO magical, soulful evenings of warm & glowing vibes to share...✨💫💕

The Winter Solstice is a universally sacred occasion, honoured for millennia as a time to celebrate the longest night!

We will work through Yoga designed to honour the stillness of the solstice and to welcome in the return of the sun, moving into Saturn, (and Capricorn season!) a chance to regenerate and realign with our goals and our truest selves. 

The darkest night also contains the most magnetic power and is a powerful opportunity to attract and nurture our best intentions a chance to regenerate and realign with our goals and our truest selves.

We will warm and open our hearts with spiced cacao and a loving kindness meditation; Rheanna will share some Ayurvedic wisdom, helping us to cleanse and stimulate our bodies with nourishing head massage and Ayurvedic oils! 

Gathering and warming round the Fire with Vegan soul food to celebrate the shortest day of the year and a return to light! 

On Saturday the 22nd Dec we culminate our Solstice celebrations with an evening of Yoga and meditation to honour our bodies and celebrate the Full Moon! Luna is right at home in Cancer, the constellation she rules. With the sun fresh into Capricorn, we have specially designed Yoga to open the connection between the heart and the head, preparing us to engage with the heightened emotion and intuition which we experience during the full moon. 

In this very special workshop, Elisabeth will lead a deep guided meditation [please bring socks and a jumper to keep warm] to contact our own inner wisdom for guidance on this magical solstice full moon. We will be setting our intention for the next phase and letting go of those things/people/situations which no longer serve us [please bring a journal to record your experience]. 

After the meditation we will gather around the fire for a brief ceremony to ground and release our wishes for the future.

Elisabeth Brooke is a herbalist, astrologer and life coach and author of seven books including A Woman's Book of Herbs and A Woman's Book of Shadows. She has run workshops and retreats all over the world. Her website is: 

Both nights include Vegan soul food, Cacau, Fire and so many glowing vibes! 

£25 each or £40 for both evenings! xx

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