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DOMO Yoga Brunch!

💫✨ NEXT SUNDAY! ✨⚡️ ✨💕🌜 woohooo Y O G A ✨ B R U N C H! 🌛✨🌙

🦋Sunday the 4th of August, at the delicious new DOMO in Kelham! ✨🌕COME ! 🌞💫✨sunshine yoga💫high vibes✨hanging out & eating a fabulous Sardinian BRUNCH!💫🌿🌺🍉 Their food is insane and we have the whole of the terrace to play on! 🌞10am-12/1pm✨🍉(no rush for eating!) ✨ £25! 🌿✨🌛£20 with a pass!💚🍐🍉Tickets are on MindBody or pls dm if you wana know any more ! 🍋🥑x x peace, love, brunch x x