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✨🍁AYURVEDIC 🍁AUTUMN 🍁EQUINOX 🍁EVENING!✨ 🌜✨In Ayurveda, this time of year is linked with the Vata (air) dosha; cold, dry & windy....✨🌛🍁✨ sliding in to autumn causes imbalances in the body such as dry skin, cracked lips, exhaustion and aching joints…as the nights draw in, our bodies have got some adjusting to do to stay juicy💦; & we’ve got some ancient & natural techniques to share!!🌜🔥🌛

🌜✨Join us for a soul warming night of Ayurvedic Equinox magic! 🍁🌜✨🔥✨Fire ✨Yin Yoga✨delicious Ayurvedic vegan food & warming massage, to soothe our bodies and nourish our souls! ✨🌛 ✨🍁

✨We’ll be working through a warm, nourishing & restorative Yin Yoga practice (designed to harness the magic & power of the equinox & beautiful Libran energy) ✨♎️✨ & learning some essential Ayurvedic therapeutic massage techniques, with warm oils, to help our bodies to flow smoothly through the changing seasons!✨🍁✨ ✨

💕✨Warm therapeutic oil massages are AMAZING at this time of year!! ✨🍁✨Ayurvedic oils work deep in the tissues helping them repair and strengthen, & massage helps circulation and toxin elimination. ✨🌜🌝🌛

✨Combined with an extra special Yin Yoga series designed to balance, clean and clear the body & energy field.💫✨🌜🌝🌛✨💫 ✨

🌙💫There are no limits to what we can manifest during this Equinox! ✨🌗✨So let’s manifest our brightest and healthiest selves; 🍁✨Autumn is a time to harvest✨release and let go....✨💫Reflecting back to the new beginnings we seeded during the Spring🌱& shedding any emotional baggage so we can flow directly into ✨♎️✨LIBRA ✨♎️✨with clarity, harmony, health, beauty & 💕L O V E! 💕 ✨

✨Sunday 22nd September ✨7-9.30pm ✨

✨🍁✨£25 ✨ or £20 with a Glow pass or if you’re on the Ayurvedic cleanse plan! ✨🌙🌛 🌜🌗🌛💫 @samatherapies ✨🍁🌛 ✨🌜@yasmina_glowyoga ✨🌛@kundaluna_✨🌟 tickets are on MindBody or you can just send a lil dm if you want to come! ✨