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💫✨🔱DREAMY PISCES FULL MOON!🔱✨🌝🌙💫 ✨🌟With all this earthy, grounding energy lately we need a lil break from reality, to take a trip into the other realms!🌙🌟✨ 🌝

🌙✨Pisces is ruled by Neptune; the God of the Seas & the underworld....✨🔱✨Neptune represents dreams, the imagination and all things spiritual!✨🌙✨Neptune frees us from the physical plane and helps us to explore the physic & underworld realms of dreaming and astral travel....✨🌕🌙

✨🌕🌙Join us on Sunday the 15th at 7pm to work with this magical, watery Piscean Moon! 🌕✨🌙✨Piscean Yoga & Otherworldly Neptunian Yoga Nidra with third eye opening crystal bowl sound healing! 🌟🔱✨

🌟🔱✨Taking us behind the veil into realms of our creativity, where we can tap into our deepest selves✨⭐️ ⚜️🐋⚜️Pisces rules the feet, fluids and psychic systems in the body... ✨We’ll work through a Yoga set designed to open the pineal gland (7th Chakra) and then float behind the veil and into the spiritual realms with a dreamy Piscean Nidra! ✨🐋💫 🌙💫🐋🔱💫Nidra takes the brain in between alpha and theta waves—the edge where the body “sleeps” while the mind is lucid! 🔱🌙💫Nidra is restorative, magical and powerful practice where we can engage with our deepest, most spiritual aspects!💫🔱💫

💫🔱💫Then we’ll ground back into our bodies with an Ayurvedic foot massage and some delicious vegan soul food from Pom. And of course, a fire🔥 & lil moon howl! 🌙🐺🌝💫🔱 ✨🔱PISCES FULL MOON NIGHT!🔱✨ Third eye opening ✨ Nidra ✨ Crystal Bowl sounds ✨ Ayurvedic foot massage ✨ Vegan soul food ✨Fire✨ Glowing vibes! ✨7-9.30pm 🌝 £25 ✨ £20 with a Glow pass! 🔱💫🐺🔥

Later Event: September 21
Women's Empowerment Circle