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Spring Equinox and Supermoon Night!

This week, we get one big, giant FULL MOON in Libra! ✨⚖️✨AND the spring equinox! ✨🌕⚖️🌕✨so this time is ALL about BALANCE! ✨💫

Finding our most SOULFUL, HARMONIOUS GLOW! ✨🌕⚖️🌕✨Taking away all our stories, and coming back to who WE are!✨💕💫 How do we embrace our power in a way that creates what we desire? 💕✨

🌜✨S P R I N G ✨ E Q U I N O X✨🌕 is the start of the Astrological New Year! ✨💫🌜a day of equal day & night, on the 20th, bringing balance into focus✨🌙

We get an opportunity to shed some layers, grow and evolve into the New Year lighter, brighter and freeer! 💫🌙🌜🤩 this is a perfect time to think about our intentions, what we would like to surrender with this big full moon that we have coming in libra ! ✨🌛💫🌕🌙 how can we find fun & creative solutions to bring more freedom and flexibility into our lives?✨🤩🌙💫🌕🌜libra wants us to get a bit of healing through the mirror of relationship! 💫✨ looking at things that may be coming up in how we relate to other people, what is ready to be healed and released? ✨🌙💫🌜feeling we could do with a big wringing out! ✨💫🌙
Cleanse and let go, so we can have a look at what’s left and find a creative way to put ourselves back together! 🌙💫✨ lose anxiety, drop the doubt and fear and build our best lives.

💫💕 We can create anything we can imagine! ✨🌙🌕 Come and join us on Sunday! 💖We will work through this stuff together, releasing intentionally thru the body, mind and energy field so we can start this new year with CLARITY, INTENTION & FOCUS! 💖🌙

FOCUS, CONNECT & CREATE! 🌕💫✨✨🌕⚖Come & work through this ABUNDANT energy next Sunday 24th, £25 7-9.30 pm ✨ 🌕 ....enchanting & intentional MOON YOGA!🧘🏽‍♀️VEGAN FOOD🥑🍇FIRE🔥SAGE CLEANSE 💫✨CACÃU🍫SOULFUL GLOWIN!! ✨💖💫💖✨💕💫✨

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